Cool. New Movie.

2009-02-24 11:48:26 by StickyStikFilms

Be sure to check out my new movie, guys! It's probably gonna get blammed, but I like it. :D

(Besides, it was only an experiment anyways ;) )


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2009-02-27 20:18:25

Come back with something decent to upload, with out the typical idiocy surrounding an American thirteen year old.

StickyStikFilms responds:

You sound you need a nap.


2009-02-27 20:47:33

what's with the mkayy crap. it's annoying man.

(Updated ) StickyStikFilms responds:

Dunno. I say "mkayy" instead of okay. It's a weird habit.


2009-03-05 22:01:18

hey! monkey's mine man, I got it first, I got it first, yeah. whatever..

lol wis rulz fur habin'e moankie